Life of a Software Engineer at TeamSpirit Singapore

This is Ace from TeamSpirit Singapore. I would like to share the daily life of a software enginner in the TeamSpirit Singapore office.


Currently, Singapore team has 5 developers, and we usually start off our day around 9 in the morning. For me, a cup of strong coffee is a must in the morning to kick start the day. Usually, we dive straight into our tasks, but on the days when we are not too busy, we will have a short discussion on what kinds of ways we could improve our prodcut and our working environment.



At 10:15 AM, is where we will have our daily standup meeting together with the members in Japan office. This is where we share about our progress, current problems and any updates others should know about. We try to keep it short by avoiding discussion of very specific topics; instead, we will make another meeting with only the parties involved after the daily standup meeting if more indepth discussion is needed. 


We will usually go for early lunch to avoid the crowd. All of us usually go for lunch together and our lunch topic is mostly catching up with each others and sharing interesting things we encounter. As we are working in diffient countries, to improve the interatction between Japan office and Singapore offce, we will arrange online lunch session with members from Japan from time to time - it is also the time where we interacts with members working in other products.

But these days, we mostly pre-order our lunch as takeout and eat in office. This saves us a lot of time since we don't need to wait for the food or try to find empty seat. So, we use the extra time from lunch to do some exercising and team building.



Team Building Activity During Lunch Time

Playing pin pong helps us fight the afternoon sleepness and allows us to stay focus on tasks throughout the entire afternoon and evening. But another cup of coffee after lunch and ping pong pretty much seal away any potential drowsiness.


We work closely with each others and while developing, it's never too hard to get technical advice if we need it. And the members in Japan are just one Slack message away. Even though there are still some language barrier, it never hinder us from completing our tasks. Generally, everyone is very approachable and the office has a very lively working environment. 


But of course, a lot of the time, most of us will be seen wearing earpiece while working. Peronsally, I like listening to some nature sounds like the sound of river flowing or the sound of the rain while coding. 


Needless to say, office won't be complete without a snack bar - the office is pretty much fully stocked with all sorts of snacks and around evening, members will be seen wandering in the snack area.


Snack Bar!

One of my favority part about the office has to be the view. We get plenty of natural light and thanks to the big widow, we don't feel enclosed and suffocated.


View from the Office


But nothing stops us from bring our laptop, go out and work in the spacious common area as well. Sometimes, being at a differnt place helps with solving some stubbon bugs or accomplishing challenging tasks.


It's nice to be able to go to any empty space and work if we feel like it.


Office Common Area

Overall, the TeamSpirit Singapore office is a very lively place to work at and there are plenty of opportunities to grow and also learn from each other. We all work hard and play hard - always looking for ways to improve our products and ourselves.